Triton Men's 8MM Tungsten Carbide Gunmetal Tire Tread Center Bevel Edge Ring

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SKU: 11-5983-8


  • Comfort Fit rings have a rounded interior specifically designed for the most comfortable all-day wear.
  • The contemporary metal Tungsten Carbide offers strength and durability to every design. 
  • This ring ships within 2 business days.
  • Scratch Resistant

Color: Gunmetal

Triton’s Tungsten Carbide TC.850™ material is a uniquely forged metal that is perfect for a man’s active lifestyle. It’s durable, scratch-resistant and will maintain its finish over time with normal use. Triton’s Tungsten Carbide TC.850™ is a patented formula consisting of approximately 85% Tungsten Carbide, yielding a strong, heavyweight, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant material


Frequently asked question
Frequently asked question
Frequently asked question