Triton Men's 7MM Tungsten Raw Black DLC Matte Finish and Bevel Edge Ring

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SKU: 11-RAW0123-7


  • Tungsten Carbide Black Diamond Like Coating (DLC) provides a raw, unfinished look with a luxe black matte finish.
  • Comfort Fit rings have a rounded interior specifically designed for the most comfortable all-day wear.
  • This ring ships within 2 business days. 
  • Scratch resistant

Color: Matte Black

DLC is a carbon-based coating with some properties of diamond that is often used in luxury watches, and high-end performance tools for its tough, protective, and adhesive qualities over traditional PVD coating. We are the first in men’s rings to incorporate BLACK DLC coating and have created a hybrid multi-layer process utilizing nano-technology (patent pending). Thus, increasing overall corrosion and wear resistance while maintaining a luxurious heavyweight and comfortable feel. Why DLC over PVD? Our patented multi-layer coating allows for superior adhesion over black PVD resulting in a premium coated finish product. It is 2x thicker, and 20% more wear-resistant than traditional surfaces


Frequently asked question
Frequently asked question
Frequently asked question